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We are a litigation firm with emphasis on criminal defense and family law.  Unfortunately, in today’s society there usually comes a time in nearly everyone’s life when the services of a lawyer are required.

Anthony R. Morrow is a criminal defense, DWI, traffic, and family law (divorce, child custody, child support, etc.) attorney serving Western North Carolina communities.

Whether it be law enforcement officers that do not respect the Constitution or your child’s parent that doesn’t respect your rights to your children, you need an attorney that is willing to defend what is most important to you.




Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is one of the most intimidating and scary events that someone may face in their life.  If they are unfamiliar with the complicated process even the thought of appearing before a judge could feel overwhelming.  Do not make that step alone.  You need a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with the court process from start to finish.


Family/Divorce Law Attorney

There are few other areas of the law that have such a dramatic and life changing impact than domestic/family law.  This area includes divorce, custody disputes, child support issues and equitable distribution.

If you are experiencing any of these issues you should seek the counsel of a compassionate and dependable attorney to assist you.

Traffic Sign

Traffic Offense Attorney

We offer low flat rates for traffic offenses.  If you are considering handling a traffic issue yourself in order to save a few dollars on attorney fees you could be costing yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in higher insurance premiums.  Depending on your prior driving record, your insurance company is able to increase your rates anywhere from 30-390 percent if you are convicted of a traffic violation in North Carolina.  These higher rates can remain in effect for up to three years.

The money you save in attorney fees by representing yourself will likely not cover the increase in your insurance policy.

Military 1

Courts-Martial Defense Attorney

Do not let the juggernaut that is the military justice system trample on your rights!  Contact our team of former JAG officers and allow us to provide you the representation that you have earned through your loyal and faithful service.

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If you are viewing this website, you either need an attorney or you think you need one!  Either way, call me today and we can discuss your concerns and figure out a way forward.  Even being an attorney, if I were to have a legal problem, I would start making calls to get assistance.