Although military members are provided an area defense counsel free of charge, those attorneys are often very inexperienced and lack a proper understanding of how to actually investigate and defend against a court-martial. Furthermore, the appointed defense attorney usually is not able to properly advise a servicemember regarding accepting non-judicial punishment under Article 15, UCMJ, or demanding a court-martial, due to their lack of experience.

In today’s military culture, you are guilty until proven innocent.  While at the same time, “victims” are given incentives to make allegations against you.  For example, did you know that the military has an “expedited transfer request” for individuals that claim to be the victim of a sexual assault?  While well intentioned, it has resulted in a “victim culture” in which service members are able to claim sexual assault in order to get transferred to a base of their choice.  Experience has shown that it is common for those “victims” to drop the allegations once they are transferred.  Often, if the charges are not dropped and the case is taken to a court-martial, the service member is found not guilty.  However, that is long after your career is put on hold and your reputation is damaged.  Don’t let yourself become a victim of the current sexual assault culture that the military has allowed to develop.

During Anthony’s time in the Air Force, he served as Assistant/Trial Counsel (prosecutor) in a number of courts-martials. Below you will find what his supervising attorney and the military trial judge thought of Anthony’s performance during his first court-martial. It is completely unheard of for an Air Force Judge Advocate to be certified to as a Trial Counsel/Defense Counsel after only one court-martial. However, given Anthony’s performance, both his supervising attorney and the military trial judge sought certification for him by The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to being a military defense attorney. Read the attached recommendation for a better understanding of what Anthony will bring to the table if you choose to allow him to represent you against allegations of misconduct. While many other former JAGs will brag of their trial skills, Anthony would rather you read what senior Air Force officials have said of his trial skills and performance.

Recommendation for Trial Counsel Certification