Thinking of heading to criminal court alone?  While not the best idea, it is possible for you to represent yourself.  Call us today for a free consultation regarding the likely outcomes.

Do you have a pending speeding ticket that you simply don’t have time to resolve?  You will spend hours in court on your first appearance and likely have to return with any paperwork the DA sent you to get.  Call today to discuss your options to have us appear on your behalf and help resolve the matter while saving you time insurance points.

Have you been thinking of seeking a divorce from your current spouse?  Obtaining a legal divorce is a simple process…keeping your children, having a fair visitation schedule, an equitable property distribution, or paying/receiving a reasonable amount of child support on the other hand, not simple!  You need to have the best family law order put in place the first go around; going to court without an attorney is likely your worst plan to.

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Captain Anthony R. Morrow, Judge Advocate Generals Corps, U.S. Air Force, Retired