Being charged with a criminal offense is one of the most intimidating and scary events that someone may face in their life.  If they are unfamiliar with the complicated process even the thought of appearing before a judge could feel overwhelming.  Do not make that step alone.  You need a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with the court process from start to finish.  Often times, the decisions that are made in the beginning of a criminal case will decide how the case will end.  Actually, from the moment a person has contact with law enforcement authorities they are being scrutinized.  Every word said and action taken can and will be used against them if the district attorney’s office or United States attorney’s office decides to prosecute the case against them.

It is at the earliest stage of a criminal case that you should consult with a criminal defense attorney that is willing to explain the process and ensure that you are able to protect your interest.  Whether it’s a speeding ticket or a federal indictment for drug trafficking, we are here to ensure your rights are not violated and you are given the fair trial and sentencing.

We, just like most defense attorneys, are often asked “how can you represent someone that you know is guilty”.  Our response is not the canned law school answer of “it’s our job to be a zealous advocate for our client”, which is true.  Our response is that it is our job to ensure that our client is treated fairly, regardless of what they have been accused of.  To do that, we focus on ensuring that law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office has not violated the Constitution.  Even as a criminal defense firm, we don’t want criminal’s roaming the streets.  At the same time, we don’t want the law enforcement going around violating the Constitution in order to take criminals off the street.

We must accept the fact that the Constitution was not designed to protect citizens from other citizens; it was designed to protect us from an abusive government.  The next time you hear that someone “got off on a technicality”, we hope that you remember that “technicality” was likely either law enforcement or the prosecutor violating that person’s Constitutional rights.

While our firm has experienced litigators that are prepared to fight a criminal case at trial, we are also experienced in keeping a case from getting to trial by ensuring our client’s Constitutional rights were not violated in the first place.

The following link to the American Civil Liberty’s Union “bust card” will allow you to print a card for help in identifying that you should do if you are approached by law enforcement officers.